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Was Jesus White? | Who Is Jesus?




The Bible says God made humans in his own image, but we tend to make Jesus into our own image. Is that okay? What did Jesus really look like? Find out from https:www.thecrossingchurch.comstaffkeith-simon (Pastor Keith Simon) as we continue our series on https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcast-serieswho-is-jesus (Who Is Jesus?). Interested in more content like this? Listen to our earlier episode https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcastswas-jesus-a-real-person-who-is-jesus (Was Jesus a Real Person?). Like this content? Make sure to leave us a rating and share it with others, so others can find it too. To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on https:www.facebook.comTenMinuteBibleTalks (Facebook), https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo (Instagram), and https:twitter.comthecrossingcomo (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO and @TenMinuteBibleTalks. Outline 0:15 - 1963 https:www.history.comtopics1960sbirmingham-church-bombing (Birmingham Church Bombing ) 1:15 - What do you think Jesus looked like? 2:30 - 1940 "Head of Christ" by Warner Sallman: making Jesus in our own image 4:05 - https:www.warnersallman.comcollectionimageshead-of-christ (Albrecht Durer): Self-Portrait 4:45 - (Megyn Kelly) on Jesus and Santa Clause 6:35 - Jesus wasn't white 8:05 - https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcastswas-jesus-a-real-person-who-is-jesus (Was Jesus a Real Person?) 10:15 - Cortez and Montezuma: misunderstanding each other 11:55 - Subscribe. Rate. Share. Social Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTenMinuteBibleTalks (https:www.facebook.comTenMinuteBibleTalks) Instagram: https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo (https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo) Twitter: https:twitter.comthecrossingcomo (https:twitter.comthecrossingcomo) References Birmingham Church Bombing ("Birmingham Church Bombing" from History): https:www.history.comtopics1960sbirmingham-church-bombing (https:www.history.comtopics1960sbirmingham-church-bombing) "Head of Christ" by Warner Sallman ("Head of Christ" from Warner Sallman Collection): https:www.warnersallman.comcollectionimageshead-of-christ (https:www.warnersallman.comcollectionimageshead-of-christ) Albrecht Durer ("Albrecht Durer: The Man Behind the Self-Portrait" by Deac. Carolyn Brinkley from Lutheran Reformation): https:www.warnersallman.comcollectionimageshead-of-christ (https:www.warnersallman.comcollectionimageshead-of-christ) Megyn Kelly on Jesus and Santa Clause ("Fox Anchor: Santa and Jesus are white" from Daily Mail): ( Related Was Jesus a Real Person?: https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcastswas-jesus-a-real-person-who-is-jesus (https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcastswas-jesus-a-real-person-who-is-jesus) Who Is Jesus?: https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcast-serieswho-is-jesus (https:www.thecrossingchurch.compodcast-serieswho-is-jesus) Your support makes TMBT possible. Ten Minute Bible Talks is a crowd-funded project. Join the TMBTeam to reach more people with the Bible. Give now.