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It Doesn't Feel Like Easter | Keith and Patrick




Everyone is saying it doesn't feel like Easter. But maybe this is showing that we've made Easter about the wrong things? How can we make it feel like Easter? Keith and Patrick give practical thoughts and ideas. Here are some great ways to make this feel like Easter: Good Friday Fast and Pray: Join us in fasting and praying for God to end Coronavirus. We'll do a live zoom prayer on Friday morning. ( Good Friday and Easter Services Online: You can check out times and the livestream here: ( Email Devotional: Last Week of Jesus Life with pictures from Israel by Kyle Richter. ( Email Devotional: Why does the resurrection matter for my life? ( Email Devotional: Video devotions by Keith and questions to ask with your family. ( Children's Family Devotional e-book: Make a "resurrection tree" with your kiddos and teach them about Jesus. (

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