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Why Winning Looks Like Losing | Learning to Follow Jesus | Luke 2:1-3




"Oftentimes, it looks as if the kingdom of God is being defeated by the kingdom of Caesar, by the kingdom of this world, by the kingdom of whatever power is ruling." Sometimes it feels like Christianity is at war with the world and losing. But, despite years of persecution and pushback, Christianity has survived over two thousand years. It's been challenging the world since the very beginning and always come out stronger. Listen to (Keith) uncover the earliest controversy and explain how Christianity continuously survives and spreads. Interested in more content like this? Listen to Rebecca McLaughlin's sermon, (Confronting Christianity), on the decline of Christianity in the West. To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO. Outline 0:15 - Thrones 0:55 - The human heart 1:25 - (Luke 2.1-3) 2:40 - Controversy 3:10 - Caesar Augustus 5:15 - (Luke 1) 5:30 - (Luke 1.31-33) 6:50 - Things aren't always as they appear 7:35 - Rethinking power 7:50 - Don't give up on God's kingdom 8:45 - Rethinking why Jesus was crucified 9:20 - NT Wright quote URL 10:40 - Subscribe. Rate. Share. Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: ( Passages Luke 2.1-3: ( Luke 1.31-33: ( References Luke 1 (What God DOESN'T Care About): ( Resources Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin: ( Awake and Alive by Skillet: ( Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Luke Commentary by Luke Timothy Johnson: ( The Gospel According to Luke by James Edwards: ( Related Learning to Follow Jesus: (

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