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What Does Saving the Environment Have to Do With Salvation?




Want to join our 4-week Zoom Bible Study, "Are we living in the end times?" (Sign-up today). We start Friday April 3 from 12:00-12:30 with a 15-minute Q&A afterward. "We have narrowed salvation to focus only on our souls or only on individuals. And we have missed what God is doing on a cosmic level, what God is doing on a bigger level." When we think about salvation, we probably think about our souls, but it's way bigger than that. God cares about all of his creation, which includes animals and nature. We are called to be stewards of the earth and caretakers of the land. Most of us care about the environment, but we might not realize how important it is. Learn how we're supposed to care for the earth from ( ) (Dr. Sandra Richter), author of ( ) (The Epic of Eden) and ( ) (Stewards of Eden), as she joins ( ) (Keith) and ( ) (Patrick) to discuss how creation fits in with the Kingdom of God. Interested in more content like this? Scroll down to check out more resources and related episodes, including ( ) (Can Evolution and Genesis Be Friends?). To learn more, visit our ( ) (website) and follow us on ( ) (Facebook), ( ) (Instagram), and ( ) (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO.   Outline 0:15 - ( ) (Dr. Sandra Richter), author of ( ) (The Epic of Eden) and ( ) (Stewards of Eden) 2:00 - Biblical perspective on sickness and disease 3:15 - Christian attitude towards the environment and environmentalism 6:45 - ( ) (Katharine Hayhoe TED Talk) 9:55 - ( ) (Creation theme) of the Bible and dominion of the earth 13:15 - Where creation is going 17:10 - Trustees of the land: our roles and responsibilities 18:40 - Israel's covenant and environmental stewardship 21:05 - Israel breaks the covenant and abuses the land 24:10 - New Covenant, Judgment Day, and the Second Coming 30:00 - Is creation going to be annihilated or restored? 32:30 - ( ) (Romans 8.18-25) 34:45 - A narrowed view of salvation 36:30 - Our... Support this podcast