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Is Jesus a Colonizer? | Who Is Jesus?




Join us for MARK in 2021! Download our study (here). Christianity has a flawed past. How do we spread the gospel while respecting other cultures? Learn how from (Pastor Keith Simon) as we continue our series on (Who Is Jesus?)  Interested in more content like this? Check out (Does God Commit Genocide in the Old Testament?) and (Should the Church Tolerate Diversity?) from our earlier series on (Questions You're Asking).  Like this content? Make sure to leave us a rating and share it with others, so others can find it too.  To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO and @TenMinuteBibleTalks.   Outline 0:15 - Is Christianity an imperialist religion? 1:10 - (Missionary John Allen Chau's death) 3:10 - Uniting Christianity with colonization: (President McKinley's message to Methodist ministers) 4:40 - (The Missionary Records claims) 5:50 - Jesus's early church 7:00 - What the church looks like today 8:10 - (Where Christianity is growing the most) 8:30 - Subscribe. Rate. Share.   Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: (   References Missionary John Allen Chau's Death ("The Life and Death of John Allen Chau, the Man Who Tried to Convert His Killers" by J Oliver Conroy from The Guardian): ( President McKinley's message to Methodist ministers ("A Nation on a Mission" by Richard Pierard from Christianity Today): ( The Missionary Records claims ("Is Jesus an Imperialist? The Problem of Missions and Empire" by Thomas Kidd from The Gospel Coalition): ( Where Christianity is growing the most ("7 Surprising Trends in Global Christianity in 2019" by Aaron Earls from LifeWay): ( Mark in 2021: (   Related Does God Commit Genocide in the Old Testament?: Support this podcast