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Best of 2020: How to Break and Make Life Changing Habits




"Your habits end up shaping what kind of person you become. And they're small little choices that happen over and over and over throughout your life." You might not give much thought to habits but what about lifestyle? They're really the same thing. Small habits build up and shape how you live your life. But making and breaking habits can be challenging, life-changing. And changing your life isn't easy! Get some tips from (Patrick) and (Keith) as they share some of their habits, hacks, and other helpful resources. Also, make sure to scroll down and check out those resources below. Interested in more content like this? Listen to our episode on (How to Beat Digital Distraction). Want to learn more about faith and work? Read this interview with Patrick Cox of Veterans united on (How to Talk About Your Faith at Work). Also, check out our website for more content on (following God in your vocation). To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO. Outline 0:35 - (Atomic Habits) by James Clear 0:50 - Patrick and Keith’s habits 4:20 - Relationship between breaking bad habits and forming good ones 4:40 - (How to Beat Digital Distraction) 4:50 - (British cycling): "aggregation of marginal gains" 6:10 - Habits and life-changes 6:55 - What makes building habits so hard? 7:45 - Focusing on results 9:05 - Focusing on trajectory 9:55 - Does God care about the kind of habits we have in our lives? 10:05 - (Hebrews 6.11-12) 10:45 - (Faith and Work) 11:20 - "No one's going to believe what you have to say about God if you don't do your work with excellence"~ (How to Talk About Your Faith at Work): An interview with Patrick Cox of Veterans United 12:15 - What are habits? 12:25 - (Thorndike's Cats) psychology experiment 13:35 - Habit Cues 14:20 - (Vietnam heroin addiction) (environmental cues) 16:25 - Habit-stacking 17:20 - Write out intentions ( (Voting study)) 18:15 - Planning vs. motivation ( (Workout study)) 20:20 - Temptation muddling (Biking and Netflix) 21:25 - Defaulting 23:50 - Small intervals 24:45 - (BJ Fogg), author of Tiny Habits 26:15 - Short-term rewards 27:25 - Motivation by losing vs gaining ( (Smoking study)) 30:25 - Summary 32:20 - Subscribe. Rate. Share. Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: ( Scripture Hebrews 6.11-12: Support this podcast