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Should Christians Go to War? Yes. | Questions You're Asking | Romans 13.3-4




Last week, (Pastor Patrick Miller) said Christian's shouldn't go to war. But this week, (Pastor Keith Simon) says the opposite. Find out way as we continue our series on (Questions You're Asking).  Interested in more content like this? Make sure to check out last week's episode with the counter-argument: (Should Christians Go to War? No.)  Like this content? Make sure to leave us a rating and share it with others, so others can find it too.  To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO and @TenMinuteBibleTalks.   Outline 0:30 - (Should Christians Go to War? No) 2:40 - (Isaiah 2.4) 3:20 - Just War Theory: (St. Augustine) 4:40 - (Romans 13.3-4) 7:20 - What defines a "just" war? 10:00 - 1941 thought experiment 11:25 - Subscribe. Rate. Share.   Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: (   Passages Isaiah 2.4: ( Romans 13.3-4: (   References St. Augustine ("ST. THOMAS AQUINAS: WHETHER IT IS ALWAYS SINFUL TO WAGE WAR?" from The Latin Library): (   Related Should Christians Go to War? No: ( Questions You're Asking: ( Support this podcast