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Who Picked Which Books Went into the Bible? | Questions You're Asking | John 14.26




Can we trust the Bible? It's a pretty important question for Christians to grapple with. Hear how the New Testament came together and why we can trust it from (Pastor Patrick Miller) as he continues our series on answering (Questions You're Asking). Interested in more content like this? Like this content? Make sure to leave us a rating and share it with others, so others can find it too. To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO and @TenMinuteBibleTalks.   Outline 0:25 - Who picked which books went into the Bible? 0:30 - (The Da Vinci Code )by Dan Brown 2:05 - How did the books of the New Testament become The New Testament? 4:00 - The truth of how the New Testament came together 5:40 - Marcion's challenge and the Muratorian Canon 7:45 - Gospel of Thomas 9:10 - (John 14.26) 10:50 - Subscribe. Rate. Share.   Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: (   Passages John 14.26: (   References The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: (   Related Were the Gospels in Chronological Order?: ( Questions You're Asking: ( Support this podcast