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Evil Love | Redefining Love (1 Cor. 13)




We continue our series Redefining Love on 1 Corinthians 13. In this episode Patrick discusses 1 Corinthians 13:6, where Paul writes that love doesn’t delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. If you live in the Columbia area, we hope you’ll join us in person. Our https:www.thecrossingchurch.comaboutsundays (website) has all the info you’ll need. You can follow us on https:www.facebook.comTheCrossingCOMO (Facebook), https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo (Instagram) or https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo (Twitter). Want to learn about more 1 Cor 13? Here are some recommendations. Beginner: (Loving the Way Jesus Does). Intermediate: (Love Within Limits). Advanced: (Charity and it’s Fruits). All the links mentioned in this episode: Website: https:www.thecrossingchurch.comaboutsundays (https:www.thecrossingchurch.comaboutsundays) Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTheCrossingCOMO (https:www.facebook.comTheCrossingCOMO) Instagram: https:www.facebook.comTheCrossingCOMO (https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo) Twitter: https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo (https:www.instagram.comthecrossingcomo) Books – Loving the Way Jesus Does: ( Love Within Limits: ( Charity and its Fruit: ( support makes TMBT possible. Ten Minute Bible Talks is a crowd-funded project. Join the TMBTeam to reach more people with the Bible. Give now.