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Can Evolution and Genesis Be Friends? A Guest Interview With Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass




"I was putting my confidence and trust in the wrong sorts of things. For a long time, I would put my trust in human arguments against evolution. But that's not actually where God really wants us to really build our confidence." (Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass) is a professor at Washington University, founder of the platform (Peaceful Science), and author of a new book, (The Genealogical Adam and Eve). We are excited to feature him in our first guest interview. In this episode, (Patrick) asks Dr. Swamidass about his faith, his research, and how he reconciles the two. They discuss a wide range of topics, including Genesis, genetics, evolution, AI, and aliens. Patrick asks questions for scientists and non-scientists, for skeptics and believers. Listen to their conversation as they navigate how Christianity and science work together. Be sure to check out Dr. Swamidass's book (The Genealogical Adam and Eve). You can also read more of his writing through his platform (Peaceful Science). Interested in more content like this? Check out our sermon series on (Genesis): The Strange But True Story of Everything. To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO.   Outline 0:20 - (Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass) 0:45 - (Peaceful Science) 0:55 - (The Genealogical Adam and Eve) 1:20 - Conflict between Christianity and science 2:50 - (More Than a Carpenter) by Josh McDowell 3:35 - Origin stories (Genesis vs Science) 6:30 - Failed conflicts 7:30 - Borders of the Eden (Genesis 2 and 3) 8:25 - Adam and Eve as genetic vs genealogical ancestors 11:00 - Reading Genesis as a genealogical account 13:20 - (2004 Nature article) on ancestry 14:10 - (Nathan Lex article) 15:00 - How long would it take for Adam and Eve to be the genealogical ancestors of humanity? 16:45 - People outside the Garden 20:35 - (Romans 5.12) 21:10 - Doctrine of Monogenesis 23:10 - Evolution, death, and mortality 26:30 - Assumptions when approaching the Bible 27:15 - What's a human (to scientists)? 31:30 - What's a human (to theologians)? 32:40 - Substantialist View 33:00 - Vocational View 33:15 - Relational View 34:35 - Textual Humans 35:40 - Human value, equality, and dehumanization 38:20 - Speed round 39:30 - How does this research help us to answer fresh questions about AI and alien life? 40:00 - (Space Trilogy) by CS Lewis 42:50 - Subscribe. Rate. Share.   Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: (   Scripture Romans 5.12: (   References Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass:... Support this podcast